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Extend Your Daylight Hours With Outdoor Landscape Lighting

In the past, nightfall chased people indoors, where they would stay until sunrise. But why should the darkness of night bring an end to enjoyment of the outdoors? You can extend daylight hours by adding landscape lights to darkened areas. WIM Supply, serving the Greater Houston, Texas area, offers a wide variety of fixtures to suit all needs and tastes.

Low-voltage systems reduce the voltage to a 12-volt supply. Our professional low voltage systems are safe, easy to install, and are affordable.

So, what are some of the key reasons to light your yard?


You may want to showcase a particularly attractive aspect of your property. It may be an interesting piece of art that needs a spotlight or a flowerbed hidden in the dark. Maybe it’s a pool or lily pond that deserves some added attention. Or you may just want to enhance the overall beauty of the property.


Getting from one point to another may not always be as easy or as safe as it could be with obstacles like steps, rocks and small shrubbery blocking the path. Instead of grabbing a flashlight to cross the yard or flicking on those blinding floodlights, you may want to install some path lights or step lights to ensure safe passage. Anytime there is a change in elevation, around your Houston, Texas area home or property, the area should be illuminated for safety.


  • Illuminate your house number
  • Illuminate entry/exit points of a house and property
  • Eliminate dark areas and potential hiding spots around a property in the greater Houston, TX area
  • Give the illusion of an occupied residence
  • An Outdoor Lighting System can also help prevent a different kind of intruder. Lighting can often prevent any unwanted wildlife from entering a property at night.



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